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African Tongues

Tortoise Tales Traditional  folklore told in Yoruba language with subtitled in English.

Counting in Hausa

Anii -

Learn Igbo with

Anii the ant.

Igbo language with subtitled in English.

Counting in Lingala

Counting in Yoruba

Featured Films

 Sopo and local children as Sopo raises awareness about the importance of washing hands with soap.

Discovery Blast

Jabu & the Lion

Jabu is a boy who goes against his better judgment to help an ailing Lion, and must defend his actions to save his own life.

Anansi & the Turtle

Anansi the spider sets-out to trick the Turtle, but is surprised when the table are turned.

Jimmy Fox & the Monkey

Jimmy the Fox loves to steal the Farmer's chickens for dinner, but one night he finds himself caught face-to-face in a life threatening situation, that may alter his behavior forever.

Folk Tales

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